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Peer Learning at BASF: Improving Development, Engagement and Productivity through knowledge sharing with Hive

BASF, the world's largest chemical company, recently launched a pilot program in Australia and New Zealand to test the benefits of professional development through peers at work
The knowledge transfer facilitated by Hive aligns with the 70/20/10 model, which states that 70% of learning and development occurs on the job, 20% comes from other people, and only 10% comes from formal learning methods.
The objectives of the pilot program at BASF were to improve connection between employees across functions and business units and create an easy way for employees to learn from each others as well as helping each others with day to day tasks and problems to solve.

"I was reflecting on the impact of Hive on our people - by breaking dow the real (and perceived) barriers to development we are actively re-writing the rules of engagement and growth. This is challenging and exciting but ultimately it reinforces to everyone that potential is unlimited when you have the right mindset"

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Kathryn O'Hehir

Head of Business Services ANZ


A community focus on collaboration


To achieve these objectives, BASF is implementing Hive to connect employees with peers who can help them learn new skills. This provides a solution for facilitating peer learning and improving the professional development of employees at the company.

Progress to date

94% of listings are resourced within 2 hours

82% of people working on listings are from a different business area to the listing owner

85% of people expressing interest are selected for a listing

The learnings

​Hive has helped the sharing of skills and knowledge across the organisation. When given the opportunity, people are eager to try new things or share their expertise with different teams.     

See how Hive can unlock the potential of people within your organisation

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