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Mercury is using Hive across the entire organisation

Mercury New Zealand generates electricity from 100% renewable sources. It also sells electricity to customers through its retail brands – Mercury and GLOBUG.
Throughout their workplace transformation, Mercury have embraced the need to adapt, work in new and different ways while creating a positive experience for their people. They launched Hive (custom branded “SkillShare”) to help break down silos and allow employees to share and build their skills & experience by collaborating across the entire organisation.

"Hive has the potential to unlock the hidden talent we have within our workforce and we’re already beginning to see the potential productivity gains. It is giving people opportunities to build new skills and work outside of their current roles."

Sarah Holt

Workforce Strategy Manager

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A community focus on collaboration


“Share and connect” is one of Mercury’s core values and with employees geographically dispersed, they have leveraged the platform to help create a more connected and collaborative workforce - connecting their people, creating networks and providing them with opportunities to learn, develop and get work done smarter.

Progress to date

94% of listings are resourced within 24 hours

79% of people working on listings are from a different business area to the listing owner

85% of people expressing interest are selected for a listing

The learnings

​Hive has helped the sharing of skills and knowledge across the organisation. When given the opportunity, people are eager to try new things or share their expertise with different teams.     

See how Hive can unlock the potential of people within your organisation

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