What is Hive?

Hive is a peer-to peer opportunity marketplace that enables employees to contribute or develop their skills and interests across an entire organisation, not only within their business area.

What does Hive do?

Hive’s virtual marketplace unlocks new ways for people to offer and find opportunities to:

  • Connect
    Matches employees with a network of people or teams that need a hand. =
  • Collaborate
    Employees share their expertise and interests with different teams outside the scope of their day-to-day job.
  • Learn
    Employees acquire new skills ‘on the job’ and learn faster.
  • Develop
    Employees access mentors and broaden their network.
By giving people the freedom to choose where and how they contribute to opportunities they value, Hive helps to align individual and organisational needs and aspirations.

How much change management is required to roll out Hive?

  • We encourage organisations to align Hive with their existing priorities and communicate it as an enabler for these - for example, more future focussed ways of working, a strategic agenda, or as part of the Talent & Learning programme.
  • We have a full suite of on boarding materials to help with roll out. Materials include emailtemplates, FAQ’s, hints & tips for supporting uptake and case studies.
  • We’ve learnt that Hive’s ease of use coupled with the benefits for team members and listing owners means an organic approach to rollout, with supporting communications, is engaging and drives great uptake.

Is our company data safe on Hive?

Hive complies with all NZ privacy legislation and the platform meets GDPR requirements. The platform is hosted on AWS’s secure global infrastructure.

What if people just post work they don’t want to do on Hive?

Our customers have not reported this as an issue. There are two reasons for this:

  • The listings are visible, so it’s unlikely that an individual will post a listing that is not aligned to organisational or functional priorities.
  • Because Hive is a marketplace, there is unlikely to be any interest in listings that don’t provide some level of learning or collaboration. 
We recommend that an organic/agile approach is taken, with minimal upfront guidelines,then ‘check and adjust’ along the way as required.

What if people apply for lots of listings and don’t do their actual roles properly?

  • Our customers have not reported this as an issue, as most people are very aware that their overall performance is dependent on delivering their agreed objectives.
  • The additional engagement, collaboration and learning created by the opportunity to do a wider variety of interesting work is likely to have positive benefits for the individual and their principle role.
  • We recommend that an organic/agile approach is taken, with minimal upfront guidelines while Hive is adopted, then ‘check and adjust’ along the way as required.

Will line managers be willing to release their team members?

  • Most line managers recognise that Hive offers unique opportunities for their team members to learn on the job, collaborate with other areas of the business, and bring those insightsback to the team. They also recognise there is a reciprocity - as it’s a great way to resource and engage other parts of the organisation in their priorities.
  • There may be times where it’s simply not possible to release staff due to pressing needs or other priorities, and in those cases, we encourage open and transparent conversations.
  • If Line Managers simply don’t ‘buy in’ into the concept, we recommend supporting those that do to play a leadership role - go where the energy is!

Why would someone want to take on new work when they already have a role?

There are many reasons why we find people love to participate in Hive.

  • Hive provides great learning opportunities and variety - people are often curious about the work other teams do, want to collaborate more, or have a development need that can’t be met in their current role.
  • Most employees have peaks & troughs in their workloads and are happy to help out other areas of the business when they can.
  • We find that the voluntary nature of participation means people can have greater autonomy in how they are working - something that research shows is an important part of feeling fulfilled at work.

How does Hive support career development?

  • Hive provides the opportunity for employees to build up portfolios of experience that enable them to develop in key areas, or experience working in an area of the business they may be interested in longer term.
  • By doing listings, employees can build their profile with a wider group of leaders and demonstrate the breadth of their talents and capabilities.
  • Hive also supports more non-traditional career moves, by allowing employees to experience new roles and experiences more easily and with less risk.

Why is Hive relevant for the future of work?

  • We know success in the future of work will be driven from resilient organisations, that can pivot quickly, solve complex problems, tap into the hidden potential of their workforce, and experiment. Hive facilitates a mindset of agility, collaboration, and learning - the essential building blocks of organisational resilience.
  • We also know that as more and more parts of roles are automated or augmented with technology, capacity will be released within organisations, creating the opportunity for individuals and teams to move into more value-added work. Upskilling becomes key in this scenario, and Hive is the perfect vehicle to facilitate upskilling opportunities and support value creation.

Who is the team behind Hive?

Hive was founded by Joanne Fair and Vincent Vuillard who are based in Aotearoa / New Zealand. Joanne and Vincent have significant corporate and leadership experience and are future of work evangelists. They are co-founders of FutureWork Studio, where they provide expertise to organisations wanting to adapt to, and thrive in, the rapidly changing world.

Who is using Hive?

A range of organisations in Aotearoa / New Zealand from industries and sectors including energy, infrastructure, transport, retirement villages and local government are transforming the way their employees work, with Hive.

This all sounds great, when can we get started?

Book a demo or send us an email and we’ll be in touch.

What if my listing is confidential?

  • Listing owners have discretion over how they wish to describe a listing, so may opt to provide a description that does not divulge any sensitive details.
  • As the actual management of the listing happens off-platform, no confidential information is required to be held on Hive.
  • Once the listing owner has selected candidates, they may choose to take additional offline security measures (eg: NDA signing) in line with the organisations preferred approach.

What are the benefits of Hive for Leaders?

There are a range of benefits that leaders experience by adopting Hive, such as:

  • managing capacity and workload through the sharing of work via the platform,
  • the learning experience of managing variable staffing requirements
  • a more collaborative way of working within the organisation.

Leaders report that the networks built through the Hive experience are enormously beneficial, as are the insights that team members bring back from having worked with other teams or business areas.

Many leaders also support their team members to work on Hive as part of their development plan - ensuring relevant, real time experiences. And of course, leaders can contribute to listings directly, ensuring their own growth and development, or the opportunity to share expertise outside their immediate team environment.

My team is really busy. How can I find capacity to participate on Hive?

Hive is ideal for busy teams, who have the opportunity to create projects that bring additional resource into their area or outsource activities which may be lower priority but still provide great learning or collaboration opportunities. Our experience is that busy teams can get the most benefit out of Hive!