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Unlocking cross functional insights easily

Hive enables employees to share their skills, knowledge and collaborate across organisations, not only their business area.

The Ops team want to bring the voice of their customer to their new product development. They need a key sales person to attend meetings once a fortnight to contribute customer insights. Jim, the project owner posts the job on Hive.

Aroha is an experienced and enthusiastic sales manager with an appetite to learn more about other part of the business. She receives a Hive notification about the Customer Insights project, takes a look at the project and quickly expresses her interest in it.

Jim meets with Aroha and immediately recognises the value she can bring to the team and sorts out logistics with her. Aroha is excited for an opportunity that matches her personal development objectives.

Both Jim and Aroha, who had never met, are amazed how effortlessly and quickly their shared needs and aspirations have been connected and begin a valuable new working relationship.


I really love my job but have always wondered if I could do more with what I know about our customers. It feels great to be able to share these insights and work with an entirely new team in the business.


Sales manager and customer expert 

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