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Upskilling on the job

Hive enables employees to upskill and share valuable insights while working with different teams on real projects – bringing to life ‘learning on the job’. 
Steve has been in his job in the finance department for 13 years. He enjoys working with his team but has some idle capacity and is looking for a new challenge. Steve has strong analytical skills but isn’t sure what options there are outside of finance. 
The marketing team has a new digital marketing campaign launching and posts a project on Hive looking for someone to help with data tracking and post campaign analysis. They’re after someone with strong analytical skills and an eagerness to learn something new. They only need a couple of hours support each week that the campaign is running. 
Steve’s accustomed to managing the marketing department’s finances but never thought there could be an opportunity to work in their team. Steve and the team catch up via Hive and plan for his to work on the project. Steve is excited to have a new skill to learn in his downtime while the marketing department are thrilled to have someone with such proficient analytics skills join the team.

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It’s so refreshing to be able to share my strengths with another department while learning a completely new skill at work. 


Finance analyst and part-time marketer  

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