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The Energy Academy is using Hive across the entire Energy Sector

What if the energy sector came together to share responsibility for the development of its people? 


Energy Academy’s vision is that New Zealanders are enabled to create a sustainable energy future that is owned by New Zealanders, adapts to the capabilities needed, and is a place where people fulfil their purpose. The Energy Academy is running a series of experiments to lead the creation of a new future for capability development in the energy sector, ensuring its long-term sustainability. 


The opportunity

We have partnered with Energy Academy to help fulfill their vision to create a more connected, future-fit mobile workforce with amplified learner agency - through partnerships, data and digital enablers. Together, we are embarking on a brave journey towards two exciting new horizons. 

Horizon one

  • Learner agency 

  • Connected industry 

  • Interconnected workforce 

  • Mobile workforce 

  • Future skills development 

  • Coaching and mentoring culture 

  • Faster resourcing for specialist skills across projects 

Horizon two

  • Sector wide training marketplace based on supply and demand 

  • More empowered workforce 

  • Verified work integrated learning 

  • Digital credential / competency passport 

  • Training for the known unknowns 

  • Acceleration of development and training across sector

Potential outcome

​A sector wide ecosystem that transforms the way talent is attracted, retained, leveraged and developed  to meet future energy sector needs.  


See how Hive can unlock the potential of people across organisations, councils, universities, sectors, regions and more. 

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