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CCHL Group is using Hive across 13 organisations and Christchurch City Council

CCHL group runs some of the key infrastructure of Christchurch, including electricity delivery, the port, the airport, public transport, and recycling facilities that are critical to the regional economy. Hive (custom branded as "Te Whāriki” for this client) is helping CCHL to share talent, knowledge and new opportunities across 13 organisations and the Christchurch City Council.

It all started with a few questions

  • Could CCHL group be better at leveraging the existing talent and capability across the group of companies?

  • Are CCHL group doing enough to retain and develop capability across the CCHL family (not just within each individual company)?

  • How can CCHL group ensure they have a flexible and resilient workforce to cope with the inevitable challenges CCHL companies will face with the future of work, like AI, robotics, and changes in consumer and society?

  • How can CCHL group better prepare for and recover from a crisis like Covid-19?

It made more sense for CCHL to tackle these questions as a group, because:

  • The challenges associated with the ‘future of work’ are common to all CCHL subsidiaries. CCHL has a desire to support collaboration on such challenges because it is in the long-term interests of both the individual subsidiaries and the ‘group’

  • Running a pilot as a ‘group’ provides a much larger and diverse test-bed for piloting emerging technology and new ways of working – providing richer and more robust data which could be learned from

  • The economies of scale of a ‘group’ means the direct investment is significantly lower than if we were to pilot individually.

Progress to date

CCHL group have been using Hive since mid 2020 - to rebalance workloads, leverage specialist skills and collaborate on common challenges and opportunities across the group.


1,300+ users

680+ listings

3500+ connections

65+ mentors 

(85% of applications are outside of the applicants’ own organisation). 

Frame 2 (14).png

Within the first eight months CCHL
group have moved from pilot phase
to official implementation across
CCHL group

"We are using Hive to work differently – our people are accessing talent across and beyond our organisation while connecting and collaborating in new and exciting ways"

Lee Gardiner

Head of Human Potential


The learnings

  • The sheer number of users has demonstrated that there is a strong desire to work in new ways.

  • Hive aids a variety of work (e.g. one-off tasks, strategic projects, secondments, permanent roles).

  • Specialist capabilities can be easily accessed from within the CCHL group ecosystem, instead of engaging consultants or recruiting externally.

  • There is a lot of latent capability within the CCHL group ecosystem. Many CCHL organisations are trying to achieve the same things – they can retain their best people and provide novel development opportunities if they work together.

  • The estimated ROI is close to 5-6X so far.

See how Hive can unlock the potential of people across organisations

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