Unleash the
full potential 
of your workforce

Hive unlocks the hidden knowledge, skills and passion needed to create agile networks, improve productivity and power innovation.

Hive is a peer-to-peer opportunity marketplace

Employees post listings to get immediate access to colleagues with the right knowledge and skills.



Find people to help with tasks, projects, workshops or events.  

Knowledge sharing

Access people keen to share knowledge and expertise. 


Match with a mentor, for self-directed learning and career development. 

Community building

Gather groups of people to participate in culture-led initiatives. 

Transform the way people work and learn together

By giving employees the freedom to choose where and how they contribute to opportunities they value, Hive helps to align individual aspirations and organisational needs.

Faster & smarter work

Removes duplication and creates transparency of organisational priorities and needs.

Connection & Collaboration

Employees share expertise with different teams and build new networks.

Learning & Innovation

Employees develop new skills on the job and accelerate adoption of new ideas.

Engagement & Retention

Employees get interesting and varied work to widen their career opportunities.

CASE STUDY | Mercury

The peer-to-peer
opportunity marketplace

Mercury is unlocking the potential of their workforce with Hive.


The inter-organisation 
opportunity marketplace

CCHL group is using Hive to share talent, knowledge and new opportunities across 13 organisations.


CASE STUDY | Energy Academy

The industry-wide
opportunity marketplace

Energy Academy is using Hive to share talent, knowledge and new opportunities across the entire energy sector.

Organisations unlocking potential with Hive include:

Mercury NZ Ltd_New.png
Christchurch Airport Logo (1).png

"In the current business climate I believe Hive will help us not only survive and recover, but thrive amidst current and future challenges."


Marc Pringle

Programme Manager

CCHL Group

Getting started is easy

Fast to deploy

Up and running in your organisation in less than a week.

Simple to use

An intuitive platform with no software integration needed.

Viral adoption

Employees sign up and get to work with no training required.

Unleash knowledge, skills & passion to flow within your organisation


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