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Unlock the power of  your ecosystem or community

Unleash the full breadth of skills, knowledge and experience within your ecosystem or community.

Leading organisations globally using Hive include:

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Mercury NZ Ltd_New.png
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The skills and knowledge you're looking for are already in your organisation

Hive’s smart matching technology effortlessly makes connections that matter so everyone can...

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Develop in real time

Connect with people keen to share valuable knowledge and expertise through mentoring, workshops and events. All driven by employees.

Uncover Hidden Talent

Leverage the power of the network to get questions answered, problems solved, and work done fast.

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Break Down Silos

Working across teams, business areas, organisations is made simple. Create a more agile workforce and unlock more collaboration, engagement and innovation.

Development made easy

Instantly access knowledge and talented colleagues keen to help.

Move your learning forward by connecting with opportunities and get recommendations on learning.

~6 min

Knowledge Sharing

average response time for quick help requests

Internal Mobility


by someone from another business area


Gig Marketplace

projects resourced internally within 24 hours

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Connections made easy

Expand your talent and knowledge pool by connecting with other organisations or across an ecosystem


The future of work is here 

Hive scales without limit - a single enterprise, a group of organisations, or even an entire industry! 

Mercury NZ Ltd_New.png

Mercury is using Hive within their workforce

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CCHL group has created a Hive ecosystem of 14 organisations


Energy Academy is using Hive across the NZ energy sector


"Hive is enabling our group to operate as an ecosystem - creating more collaboration on shared challenges and opportunities, and multiple new pathways for our people to develop the skills they and their organisations need for the future."


Marc Pringle

Group Programme Manager

CCHL Group

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Getting started is easy

Fast to deploy

Up and running in your organisation in less than a week.

Simple to use

An intuitive platform with no software integration needed.

Viral adoption

Employees sign up and get to work with no training required.

Unleash the knowledge, skills & passion within your organisation now

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