Pivot your organisation fast

Hive is an internal talent marketplace that facilitates rapid rebalancing of workloads, gives employees the choice to work on strategic projects and builds individual and
organisational resilience.

Transform the way people work

Employees can choose to work on projects outside the scope of their day to day jobs.

Activate internal mobility

Employees learn by collaborating with different teams and upskilling on real projects.

Enable experiential learning

Employees select projects that best fit professional growth or where they can make a meaningful contribution.

Drive engagement

"I can access exciting opportunities without changing jobs"

Get quantifiable value

Activates internal mobility

Identify where skills sit in your organisation and rapidly deploy employees to where they’re most needed.

Rebalances workloads
Enables experiential learning

Smooths out peaks that can lead to employee burnout or avoidable exit.

Drives retention
Drives engagement

Reduces recruitment and development costs, increasing productivity and revenue.

Improves your bottom line

Thrive in disruptive times

Easy to get started

Hive’s secure*, cloud-based platform doesn’t need to integrate with your organisation’s systems and can be deployed with minimal change management.

*Hive is hosted on AWS, is GDPR compliant and independently CAIQ audited.

Simple and intuitive

In just a couple of steps users can post projects. Employees can put themselves forward for work they want to do and get straight into it.

Actionable, real time insights

Have your finger on the pulse of what’s really going on in your organisation. View, customise and share rich data insights to improve capability roadmaps and employee engagement.

Future-proof your organisation

From a COVID-19 redeployment tool to a key part of your organisation’s future of work transformation, there are countless applications for Hive.

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